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Essence of Dourthe 2005
  • Essence of Dourthe 2005
  • Essence of Dourthe 2005

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Essence of Dourthe 2005

The very deep robe has purple hues. Intensity and finesse characterize a complex nose of an admirable aromatic freshness, which exhale powerful fragrances of ripe fruits: red cherries, burlats and blackcurrants associated with subtle notes of cedar and grilled cocoa. In the mouth, the wine impresses at first with its amplitude and density, then it surprises by its velvety. It is a tender, silky wine, remarkable for balance, freshness and purity. A very nice acidity supports this magnificent evolution of the tasting towards a final of an exceptional length. Majesty, refined, Essence of Dourthe 2005 is a masterful success in a single vintage.
Température de service Entre 14 et 16°
Motivation d'achat Anniversaire Un investissement correct pour une Année de Naissance
Cadeau pour Les Passionnés et les Amateurs
Découverte des Grands Vins de Bordeaux
Repas entre Amis
Repas de Fêtes
Couleur Rouge
Cépages Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
Merlot 35%
Cabernet Franc 8%
Petit Verdot 7%
Pays France
Région Bordeaux
Appellation Bordeaux
Millesime 2005
A consommer idéalement entre 5 et 20 ans
Accords mets/vins Entrées : Aumônière de Foie Gras aux Pommes
Soupes : Velouté de Champignons en Croûte Feuilletée
Fromage de Vache : Camembert Fermier
Gibier : Tournedos de Biche Façon Rossini
Petits Gibiers : Poule Faisane aux Champignons
Salade : de Bolets et Artichauts au Foie Gras Tiède
Viandes Grillées : Selle d'Agneau Rôtie aux Baies Rouges et Poêlé de Champignons
Viandes Roties : Cœur de Filet de Bœuf, Sauce Bordelaise et Champignons Sauvages
Viandes Rouges : Poularde Rôti aux Truffes sous la Peau
Volaille : Sauté de Lapin aux Pruneaux et Vin Rouge
Contenance Bouteille (75 cl)
Récompenses Parker 90
Arômes/goûts Épices Douces et Poivrées : Notes de Vanille, de cannelle et de poivre Blanc
Fleuries : Notes de Roses et de Violettes
Fruits Noirs : Cerises, Cassis, Myrtilles
Fruits Rouges : Framboises, Groseilles
Notes Fumées et Toastées : Café, Cacao, Pain d'Epices

Essence of Dourthe 2005

Vines d'Essence Of the 322 ha of Vignobles Dourthe, only 10 ha are selected to be the terroirs of Essence, because of their specificity, the grape varieties and the age of the vines. These parcels are entrusted to the managers of each property who, like the apprentice Companions, work to create their "masterpiece". In addition to the qualitative methods applied to all Dourthe vineyards, the vines of Essence are subject to a "personalized" approach to the vines: each foot is considered as a different individual from its neighbor and therefore justifies d specific attention to produce the best possible grape. Thus, about fifty treatments are provided at each vineyard until the harvest. There, the grapes are picked according to their analytically and tastefully controlled maturity, but also visually: the observation of the "ripening" of the cobs is a valuable indicator of the stage of maturation, and this selection involves careful harvesting in several passages. * Augmentation: Hardening of the vine shoots in August and at the end of September for the roundups. This lignification is accompanied by a change of color: reddening and then browning for the raffles Gasoline Wines Collected and transported in small crates, the grapes are de-stemmed and sorted and finally deposited manually in oak tanks of small capacity for cold pre-fermentation maceration followed by alcoholic fermentation. Later, the malolactic fermentation will take place in new barrels where the wine will stay during the whole of the rearing which takes place in separate lots in the cellars of each property. 12 to 18 months of breeding thus complete the production of what would however constitute only the magnificent microcuvées of each property without the Assembly: true founding act of "Essence of Dourthe". The Assembly of Essence The Art of Assemblage lies in the talent of the oenologists to discover the complementarity and the perfect balance between the batches, to create a cuvee where the whole will be infinitely superior to the sum of the components. The wines of Essence 2005 have long kept their secret. We had to wait patiently for this magical moment when the wines are finally ready to meet. The moment came in March 2007. Essence of Dourthe 2005 is finally composed of 50% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 8% Cabernet-Franc and 7% Petit-Verdot Dourthe Vineyards. To further refine the creation, the final Essence of Dourthe is bred for 6 months in the cellars of Dourthe in barrels of 1 wine. Although it is made of prestigious Bordeaux appellations, Essence de Dourthe is a unique expression of the great Bordeaux wine, whose name it bears. 300 hl were produced by the 10 hectares of vines of Essence but only 54 hl will be retained and offered in 6000 bottles, 200 magnums and 150 double-magnums.

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